Published Dec 14th, 2022


Available on All Platforms Today, Instantly Unlock or Earn Warframe’s Reluctant Warrior Baruuk Prime with Baruuk Prime Access

Warframe players can instantly access or earn Digital Extremes’ latest Prime Warframe, Baruuk Prime, starting today. Available on all platforms, Baruuk Prime Access introduces a quiet storm of devastation as Baruuk Prime, and his Signature Weapons and Customizations become available for players to bring silence to the battlefield.

The pacifist monk Baruuk first joined Warframe in 2018, evading conflict by invoking sacred stones to bring a blissful calm to violence. The base Warframe Baruuk can be instantly unlocked from the Warframe market for Platinum. His blueprints can also be earned for crafting by increasing Standing with Little Duck in Vox Solaris. Baruuk Prime is the primed variant of Baruuk, featuring increased base stats and additional polarity slots alongside enhancements to his Signature Weapons and Customizations. Complete Baruuk Prime’s signature look and embody enlightenment with new Prime Accessories, including the Asila Prime Syandana, Vaaditum Prime Ephemera, and Baruuk Prime’s Mandala.

Baruuk Prime Access Includes:

  • Baruuk Prime - Doomed are the fools who attack the peace and exhaust the restraint of this reluctant warrior.

  • Cobra & Crane Prime - Punish those who test your restraint. The first strike in a combo stuns enemies when Cobra & Crane Prime are wielded by Baruuk.

  • Afuris Prime - Vanquish chaos with dual firepower.

  • Asila Prime Syandana - The ornate charms on this Syandana represent the ideal of serenity.

  • Vaaditum Prime Ephemera - Honor your serenity and that of others as you display Baruuk’s symbol. In relays, temporarily bestow the Vaaditum Prime Ephemera upon others.

  • Baruuk Prime Mandala - Mark your orbiter with Baruuk Prime’s tranquil mandala. The configuration encourages meditation and contemplation.

Players can instantly unlock Baruuk Prime through Baruuk Prime Access - available in the Warframe Market for Platinum. Baruuk Prime, Cobra & Crane Prime, and Afuris Prime can also be earned and crafted in-game by earning Relics.