Published Jun 18th, 2024

Warframe’s Jade Shadows Cinematic Update Available Today for All Platforms

Free for all platforms welcoming the return of fan-favorite character: the Stalker, Digital Extremes adds 57th Warframe, new mission type, single-player Quest, and more

Warframe’s next Cinematic Update from Digital ExtremesJade Shadows, is available today and stalking across all current platforms for 80+ million registered players; expanding the sci-fi space epic with a lore-rich single-player Quest, the 57th playable Warframe named Jade, a new mission type and Clan Operation, fresh cosmetic skins, among other quality of life improvements.

Checkout the full Jade Shadows launch trailer

“Players can finally try on the brooding shoes of our favorite mystery man, the Stalker,” said Megan Everett, Community Director. “Along with answering some burning questions about his backstory, Jade Shadows brings so much more to the table like our 57th Warframe, Jade, one of the most unique and special Warframes we've ever made. This update is stuffed with tons and we all hope you enjoy unpacking it all before the excitement of TennoCon next month, where fans can meet the voice of the Stalker himself, Gianni Matragrano!”

Additional details on new content arriving in Jade Shadows:

  • Take to the skies as the 57th Warframe, Jade, and evoke the solemn — yet melodic — hymns of an angelic choir by singing songs of devastation as she heralds both life and death across the Origin System’s many battlefields with her three new weapons: the Evensong bow, Cantare throwing knives, and Harmony scythe.

  • Escape the depths of a mysterious stronghold in the new mission type: Ascension. Initiate an emergency evacuation from marauding Corpus forces to embark on a grueling ascent through enemy-infested elevator shafts. Play Ascension missions to acquire Motes to exchange for required parts and blueprints to craft Warframe Jade.

  • Following the events of Jade Shadows, take on a new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast. Squad up to master the Ascension mission type and accomplish community objectives to unlock a new stylish energy aura Ephemera themed after legends of the “Jade Light.”

  • New cosmetics are also sneaking their way into this update including a ship skin themed after the Stalker, a deluxe Warframe Yareli skin, as well as a bundle of new TennoGen additions like the new Lavos skin and Equinox Omni helmet.

  • Jade Shadows also brings various quality of life improvements around things like Necramech acquisition, high level enemy health, armor, and shield scaling, among many others.

For more information and full detailed patch notes on everything arriving in the Jade Shadows update today please visit our update hub here and keep an eye on our Twitter/XInstagramYouTubeTwitch, and TikTok accounts.