Published Aug 26th, 2023

Digital Extremes today detailed planned new updates for global hit Warframe, including two free major story expansions titled “Whispers in the Wall” and “Warframe 1999” alongside fresh gameplay for the hotly anticipated Soulframe.

TennoLive 2023 shed light into the development progress of Digital Extremes’ newest-IP, Soulframe, as it occupied the spotlight with an on-stage developer discussion and a brand-new glimpse into its gameplay. Soulframe is an upcoming F2P Action RPG with MMO-like elements, influenced by themes of nature, restoration, and ancestry. The demo unveiled during TennoLive 2023 provided a peek into the game’s open-world design, its melee and ranged combat systems, and also teased elements of the compelling narrative that players can expect at release.

Whispers in the Walls introduces the start of a whole new epic narrative arc, taking us back to the beginning to propel Warframe’s cinematic universe forward, scheduled to release this Winter 2023. It’s the first cinematic update since the release of The Duviri Paradox and introduces the next story-driven cinematic storyline where players will find themselves caught between Albrecht Entrati’s control, one of the Origin Systems all-time greatest minds, and the ensuing chaos being brought by the Man in the Wall, all while figuring out the bigger picture behind what's happening and their place within a master plan.

As part of proceedings, TennoCon upheld an annual tradition of working with worthwhile causes. Digital Extremes announced a $CAD200,000 donation to Canada Learning Code, Canada’s leading national charity that brings accessible computer science education to communities across Canada so everyone can create with technology. We’re so happy to be support Canada Learning Code: if you’d like to support them too - you can donate via here

The TennoCon audience also got a surprise sneak peek at Warframe: 1999, a time-bending, epic follow-up to the Whispers in the Walls update with a special licensed track by Oscar-winning rock band nine inch nails - Into the Void - that will set the stage for Warframe’s next major cinematic update releasing 2024. Travel into the Void to learn more about Albrect Entrati’s story, but not everything is as it seems… Warframe: 1999 is coming in 2024.

Other content update reveals made during TennoLive include:
  • CROSS SAVE (LATE 2023): play across any platform you want, when you want, and how you want with this paramount feature coming 2023.

  • WARFRAME MOBILE (2024): a mobile version of Warframe bringing the same high-quality experience console and PC players have been known to expect - on their mobile device. Mobile iOS preorders will be live today.

  • HEIRLOOM COLLECTIONS (TODAY): to celebrate 10 years of Warframe, the team has released limited edition Heirloom Collections - distinctive, unique skins for Frost and Mag designed by Warframe’s original Art Director, Mynki, along with an entirely new class of customization, the Signa.

  • ABYSS OF DAGATH (OCTOBER 2023): the faceless rider Dagath, the 54th Warframe arrives as part of our Abyss of Dagath seasonal update - a new weapon, seasonal content and a suite of QoL improvements await.