Published Jul 16th, 2022

Adding to the heap of surprise reveals at TennoCon 2022, celebrated Marvel Comics Artist and Game Designer Joe Mad (Darksiders, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story), made a special guest appearance during the Art of Warframe panel at TennoCon to reveal new concept work of an upcoming playable wolf-inspired Warframe being developed in collaboration with Digital Extremes. With Joe’s background and defined art style working with Marvel on titles such as X-Men and Deadpool, this new Warframe will be a collaborative, one-of-a-kind design balancing Joe’s unique celebrated art style with Warframe’s world and canon.

“Warframe’s art is immediately recognizable and I’d even go as far to call it iconic,” said Joe Mad of Airship Syndicate. “What really stands out to me with Warframe is the community art. The art style allows for incredible creative freedoms, and the fan creations blow me away every time I start scrolling through them on Instagram, Reddit, and everywhere else.”

For years, Warframe players and fans around the world have been vocal on Devstream chats, social media platforms, and Reddit about their wish to see a wolf-inspired Warframe - creating videos, posting comments, and speculating on forums as to when they might see a design. In true Digital Extremes fashion, the studio has been watching and listening and is honored to deliver to its players this much-requested design theme as a new future from coming to Warframe.

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