Published Jul 16th, 2022

As part of Digital Extremes' Soulframe reveal during TennoLive, senior members of the founding Digital Extremes studio team transitioning from Warframe to Soulframe, shared their sincere gratitude and thankfulness live and direct to players at the 7th annual fan appreciation event.

Geoff Crookes is set to take the helm as Creative Director on Soulframe along with the transition of other known Warframe developers who have helped make the space ninja phenomenon the community success it is today. Additionally, the expansion of Steve Sinclair’s creative vision to influence the franchise direction defining a new generation of innovative online gameplay experiences for the studio, designing rich collaborative worlds for both sci-fi and fantasy genres under one distinctly creative DE studio brand vision, embodying the unique characteristics and values of the award-winning indie studios action combat gameplay design and world-class live service RPG support. 

Rebecca Ford, known and loved among Tenno as Space Mom, has been with Digital Extremes since Warframe’s beginning leading the Community Management, Live Development Operations as well as the voice actor of the Lotus, will be leading Warframe’s charge into the future as Creative Director delivering a Veilbreaker Game Update coming soon and The Duviri Paradox Cinematic Open World Expansion launching winter 2022.

Digital Extremes, COO Sheldon Carter communicated service consistency and creative innovation to continue to develop and maintain a high quality, player focused live service for years to come.  The Warframe experience will not be affected by any recent leadership changes, with top tier development updates and unique experiences for Tenno to enjoy together.

In two open letters to the Warframe and Digital Extremes community, creative visionaries Rebecca Ford and Steve Sinclair reflect on their combined 30+ years of creating, developing, and supporting Warframe as Digital Extremes opens a new chapter and expands development efforts to bring Science Fiction and Fantasy under one roof.


For over 10 years I’ve been writing posts to you. I’ve always called you Tenno. That will never change. Other things, though, are changing. We’re in a new chapter of Warframe.  I’ve always written from the perspective of someone that has been a steadfast believer in community as a core part of what makes Warframe great. And that belief will stay with me now that I get to work closer with the developers that have made everything possible. If the community has always been the heart of Warframe, the developers have been the soul. 

It is an honor, and an emotional one at that, to be a part of Warframe’s future in the Creative Director role. Even more of an honor is being able to do it with members of the team growing into roles that form Warframe’s new leadership. You know some of this team already, and there are many new faces behind the scenes. They are wonderful people who I deeply respect, and as we work through the transition I know you’ll feel the same. 

As for the Digital Extremes team moving on to our incredible second project, Soulframe, they’ve not gone far. I’ll miss many of them on the Warframe Devstream couch, but I’m excited for the next generation of folks that will be blinded by our studio lights.  I hope to make them proud, and bother them frequently with my Fashion Frame choices. Nothing can stop me now. 

How lucky are we that both Science Fiction & Fantasy will now exist under one roof. Envoys & Tenno, the future is bright. 

See you soon,

- [DE]Rebecca


Digital Extremes has been my home for my entire game development career. 20+ years for those counting (I try not to). Over 10 of those years have been on Warframe as you know it today, but in truth the Warframe story started much earlier. Warframe once existed as Dark Sector in my mind in the early 2000’s. Turning that seed of ‘Dark Sector’ into ‘Warframe’ has been a life-defining accomplishment for me and the Digital Extremes team. I feel like I can say: We did it. And in some ways, I thought it’d be the last thing we’d do as a team. But we want to tell another story.

Soulframe development has officially just begun. We hope you follow along. It’s only possible because the community believed in Warframe to allow me 10 beautiful years in the Origin System. Further still, the Warframe team believed in me, but more importantly, I believe in them. I know they can do great things with the story of the Tenno. And now, a group of us have set our sights on the Fantasy genre to tell the story of Soulframe.

I want to have Fantasy & Science Fiction as a part of Digital Extreme’s legacy. I want to spend as much time with Soulframe as I have with Warframe. My beard only has so much black left in it. 

Envoys, see you in the future. 

We all lift together - and always will. 

- [DE]Steve