Published Jul 16th, 2022

Khora Prime Access is now available for all platforms. Mistress of the livewire, Khora enchains her enemies to enforce deadly discipline by fang and claw, fiercely poised with feral instincts alongside her feline familiar Venari. Revealed during TennoCon’s Art of Warframe Panel, players can now earn or purchase the primed variant of the gilded huntress Khora and her Signature Weapons and Customizations for a limited-time only before she’s locked away into Warframe’s Prime Vault. 

Khora Prime Access Includes:

  • Khora Prime Warframe

  • Venari Prime

  • Hystrix Prime

  • Dual Keres Prime

  • Kerata Prime Syandana

  • Khora Prime Larqum Helmet

  • Interalpha Prime Narta

  • And more! 

For more information about Khora Prime Access visit the Prime Access page on the Warframe website. For more information about Warframe's Prime Access Program, visit the Prime Access FAQ.

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