Published Aug 27th, 2021

TennoCon 2021 Helped Bring Awareness to Unity Project’s Initiatives and Rallied Fundraising Efforts from Hundreds of Thousands of Warframe Players

LONDON, ONTARIO - August 27, 2021 - Digital Extremes is proud to help Unity Project for Relief of Homlessness in bolstering its efforts to provide emergency shelter and supportive housing to those struggling to escape and avoid homelessness with a CA$200,000 donation. The donation is made possible following the Canadian developer and publishers annual Warframe conference, TennoCon 2021, where the company led several fundraising initiatives and rallied hundreds of thousands of Warframe players to donate to Unity Project and bring awareness to its causes.

“Community remains a key pillar to us at Digital Extremes and Warframe, and given our global state, community is more important than ever,” said Sheldon Carter, COO of Digital Extremes. “We are grateful to have had the opportunity to rally hundreds of thousands of players around such a critical initiative during TennoCon, bringing visibility to Unity Project’s cause and delivering merchandise, digital game bundles, and gear that Warframe players could purchase knowing they were key to making a difference.”

The corporate donation by Digital Extremes was met with additional donations from Warframe players made virtually from around the world during the TennoLive portion of TennoCon 2021, amounting to nearly CA$3,000 in under 10 minutes.

“The size, timing, and origins of this donation is like a fairy-tale,” said Silvia Langer, Unity Project’s Development Director. “Not only did this partnership with Digital Extremes introduce us to the fun and generous world of gamers, it filled a chasm left in the wake of the pandemic which has increased costs and crushed some of our major sources of revenue.”

TennoCon is Digital Extremes’ free annual flagship Warframe event, where the developer and publisher broadcasts a full day of game reveals, hosts in-game activities and developer panels, and runs community art shows, cosplay contests, and more for Warframe’s 60+ million global players. In partnership with Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness, Digital Extremes created three TennoCon packs, including a TennoCon Digital Pack, TennoCon Merchandise Pack, and the TennoCon Bundle, which were available to purchase prior to the event to raise funds for Unity Projects efforts. 

Learn more about the Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness, visit

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