Published Oct 3rd, 2022

Digital Extremes is calling to unite its millions of Warframe players from around the world for its third annual Quest to Conquer Cancer global fundraising initiative with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. A top five cancer research institute in the world, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation works tirelessly with the passionate community to raise critical funds to help drive world-class cancer research and set new standards of patient care. 

Throughout the month of October, Warframe players and the community can join Digital Extremes in their quest by tuning into participating streams from Warframe content creators and the community team to donate live onstream and unlock exclusive in-game rewards as donation milestones are passed. Using the Donor Drive extension on Twitch, Warframe and its partnered streamers are enabling viewers to donate directly in stream without ever needing to leave the viewing experience. Donations can also be made directly on the Donor Drive Quest to Conquer Cancer page. Each donation made is counted towards a reward milestone, unlocking exclusive in-game content on all platforms along with other rewards as each milestone is reached. Donate and help unlock cool offerings like a Warframe and Weapon slot, Forma, Weekend Boosters, and a new Ephemera, among other themed in-game rewards. To keep tabs on donation progress and access the livestream schedule, visit Warframe’s Quest to Conquer Cancer website.

In addition to direct donations, players can get involved by heading to the Official Warframe Store where a new, expanded selection of pink Warframe charity merchandise is available in limited quantities, including a Conquera Blanket, Pin Set (designed by community artist Gamelee), T-Shirt (designed by community artist Royalprat), and the Sawgaw Floof Plush. For players that want it all, the Conquera II Collection bundles all the exclusive Quest to Conquer Cancer Warframe merchandise into one offering alongside digital bonuses including an in-game Sawgaw Floof Plush and 150 Platinum. Net proceeds from sales of Warframe’s Quest to Conquer Cancer charity merchandise will be donated on behalf of the Community at the end of the campaign and will count towards donation milestones.

Players and community members interested in participating can sign up as an individual or team on Donor Drive. Digital Extremes has created a digital toolkit for its community of creators wishing to participate, including branded overlays and social media assets, designed to help the community create engaging and visually enticing content for their streams. Since kicking off its first Quest to Conquer Cancer initiative in 2020, Warframe’s community of players and creators have raised over $300,000.00 with a goal to bring an additional $100,000.00 in funding to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in 2022. 

Quest to Conquer Cancer - 2022 Donation Milestones and Rewards

Donation Milestone



Unlock Conquera Twitch Emotes


Unlock 3x Forma (Built) via In-Game Alert 


Unlock Conquera Glyph V (RoyalPrat Glyph) via Redemption Code


Unlock Community Poll to Determine 2023 QTTC Floof


Unlock 1x Stance Forma + 1x Aura Forma (Built) via In-Game Alert


Unlock 3 Day Affinity Booster Weekend


Unlock 1x Umbra Forma (Built) via In-Game Alert


Unlock 1x Warframe Slot + 1x Weapon Slot via In-Game Inbox Message


Unlock Community Poll to Name the Upcoming Wolf-Inspired Warframe


Unlock Conquera Shoulder Ribbon via In-Game Inbox Message


Unlock Conquera II Ephemera via In-Game Inbox Message