Published Mar 21st, 2024

PAX East: Digital Extremes Teases Big Warframe Updates Launching this Year, Delivers a Fresh Look at Upcoming Fantasy RPG Soulframe 

Warframe’ Devstream offers a magnetic peek at Digital Extremes’ year ahead with first-look at ‘Jade Shadows’ and ‘Warframe: 1999’, plus TennoCon 2024, Protea Prime Access, and a mesmerizing new look at ‘Soulframe’

Digital Extremes kicked off its 11-year anniversary Warframe festivities with a host of in-person and in-game opportunities for players to squad up and celebrate with fellow Tenno. In-game, eight weeks of Alert missions begin today, offering handsome rewards with varied difficulty, and all Warframe players are eligible to claim a free Dex Nikana starting March 27.

Players tuning in to a special Devstream live from PAX East were given a behind-the-scenes look at the grungy world of Warframe: 1999, including a tease of a new Cinematic Quest launching for all platforms this year: Jade Shadows. In a surprise update to fans tuning in, Digital Extremes also debuted a new trailer for its upcoming fantasy RPG Soulframe: 

“It’s been six years since we’ve taken Warframe to a major con and to celebrate the game’s 11th birthday with our community in person like this makes this return to PAX something extra special,” said Warframe Creative Director Rebecca Ford. “We wouldn’t exist without this incredible community and they’re the reason we wake up and try so hard. We’ve got a year packed with new content and plenty of surprises up our sleeves. See you at TennoCon!”

“The last major update we gave on Soulframe publicly was at TennoCon last year, so it’s great to share new gameplay with players at PAX,” said Soulframe Creative Director Geoff Crookes. “We’ve been doing immensely important closed testing with our community behind the scenes, and our learnings are continuing to influence our overall development. The public can look forward to more opportunities to go hands-on with the game themselves, hopefully later this year…”

Major highlights from Digital Extremes’ PAX East Devstream:

  • Jade Shadows is a new Cinematic Quest launching this year ahead of Warframe: 1999 and introduces players to the angelic 57th Warframe Jade with a single-player Quest and missions centered around exploring one of Warframe’s most elusive and legendary characters – the Stalker. 

  • In a magnetic new look at Warframe: 1999 – its most ambitious chapter yet –  actor Ben Starr (Final Fantasy XVI) joined live to reveal a new cinematic layered with narrative twists. Players learn Arthur (voiced by Starr) is a Protoframe of Excalibur and are introduced to Aoi, a Protoframe of the Warframe Mag (voiced by Alpha Takahashi of Cyberpunk 2077).
  • TennoCon 2024 returns to RBC Place in Digital Extremes’ hometown of London, Ontario, on July 19-20, 2024. Tickets for TennoCon will go on sale Thursday, March 28, 2024 and a TennoCon Digital Pack offering will be available to players who cannot travel.

  • Manipulate temporal forces exquisitely with Protea Prime Access. Take a first look at Protea Prime and bring back the power of a forgotten technological society with a stylish new look awash in signature gold trim. Select between her myriad of devices to toss grenade clusters, fire plasma charges, dispense health and energy pickups, and even rewind time itself. Protea Prime arrives soon for all platforms alongside two new Prime tech weapons, the dual daggers Okina Prime and Velox Prime pistol.

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