Published Jun 30th, 2022


At Digital Extremes, we celebrate and support inclusivity and sexual rights and freedoms for all individuals. Pride is more than just a month-long celebration for us: “It’s a commitment to do everything we can to protect and uplift our many LGBTQIAA+ players and staff,” says Sheldon Carter, COO at Digital Extremes. “We’re lucky and proud to have so many members of the LGBTQIAA+ community on our team and in the Warframe community. In these times when basic human rights are under threat, we are committed to ensuring our employees and players feel comfortable, safe, and cared for in and out of the workplace and Warframe.”

While Pride is a year-round part of Digital Extreme’s community, we wanted to take some time to talk about some of the things we’re doing this Summer to make Digital Extremes (and Warframe) a community where everyone is welcome.

Local Pride Events and Fundraising

DE employees, friends and family will be participating in the 26th Annual London Pride Parade on July 24, 2022! We will be selling Pride T-Shirts to staff and family members where all money raised will go toward London local charity Queer Events Support Food for Queers campaign. The #NoHungryQueers campaign is a queer-led initiative addressing food insecurities in our local queer community.

In a continued effort to support local LGBTQIAA+ charities, Digital Extremes has made a $20,000 USD donation to Rainbow Railroad, a Toronto based not-for-profit organization. Rainbow Railroad works tirelessly to help LBGTQIAA+ members facing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics flee danger and cross borders to safety. Learn more about Rainbow Railroad and their work.

Supporting Pride in-game and with the Community

During the month of June, Warframe launched its biggest-ever Pride Celebration. We launched an updated Customizations Color Palette featuring colors from the Progress Flag and also partnered with Debbysheen, one of our talented LGBTQIAA+ creators, to create a new Pride Glyph and Pride Display! The Palette, Glyph and Display were all designed with consultation from Rainbow Railroad.

While players could initially get those items from the in-game Market during June, we wanted to encourage players to join us in celebrating Pride year round and have also made these items available for the rest of the year using the promo code PRIDE2022 in the in-game Market or Account Management page.  

Our amazing Warframe Creators have been creating safe spaces on their social platforms and streams for all players. All throughout June we featured and hosted our LGBTQIAA+ creators to uplift them and the community. You can check out and support each featured streamer below:

Ongoing Education

With the aim of continued LGBTQIAA+ education and creating a safe environment for all of our employees, Digital Extremes will be working with local registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist, Jared Dalton, and his team at Blueprint Counselling to provide us with support and training throughout the year in the following:

  • Allyship training and an internal ally list

  • Managerial and employee educational sessions

  • Ensuring that members of the community are meaningfully consulted around space design in their department areas when changes are being made

  • Ensuring there is a clear and easy process for name/gender marker changes

  • Offering support for employees and students wanting to complain about discrimination

You can learn more about our 2022 Pride initiatives here