Published Jul 16th, 2015

Official Event Recap


The Next-Gen Chapter of Warframe Unites Planets, Platforms and Players Together During All-Out-War with Simultaneous Releases, Cross Save, Cross Play, and into a Story-Driven Content Expansion, The New War 

July 17, 2021 – Award-winning developer and publisher Digital Extremes (DE) revealed at TennoCon 2021, through a robust interactive preview event broadcast live on Twitch, that Warframe’s highly anticipated story-based content expansion The New War will arrive this year.  During the TennoLive segment, players were excited to learn that all future updates, including The New War launch, will be released simultaneously for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Throughout the day, viewers tuned-in from all over the world to celebrate all things Warframe during the 6th annual player convention TennoCon, which featured several hours of content reveals, numerous in-game rewards, an interactive in-game Relay event, and an extensive gameplay world-reveal of The New War.

Warframe players set a new in-game peak concurrency record for the franchise during the TennoLive Relay event, with hundreds of thousands of global players simultaneously sharing an experience together, which propelled Warframe into Steam’s Top-Ten Highest Ever Peak Concurrency for a free-to-play game on it’s platform.  Additionally, on Twitch, player excitement for The New War preview drove so much viewership, Warframe is now the only game in Twitch's Top-Five Highest Peak Concurrent Viewership Streams of 2021, establishing a new livestream best for the Canadian developer and publisher, as the all-time most viewed TennoCon in franchise history.

The TennoCon 2021 press kit with supporting assets is available here. The New War reveal trailer is available on YouTube, the full TennoLive segment is available on YouTube and the full 30 minute gameplay demo video can be viewed on YouTube as well.  


In the world-reveal of the highly-anticipated next chapter of the award-winning online looter shooter, Digital Extremes’ vision for the future of Warframe and its first next-gen expansion was revealed: players will unite together in the Origin System like never before. 

Throughout an action-packed and cinematic, live gameplay demo of nearly 30 minutes, The New War shocked audiences by showing Corpus Engineer Veso, Grineer Soldier Kahl-175, and even fan-favorite Dax warrior Teshin -- all playable in a Quest for the first-time ever.  With Earth’s mightiest bastion, Cetus, burning and the pride of the Corpus fleet lying in ruins, the combined strength of the Tenno and their allies might be the key to this new war. Rebecca Ford, Live Operations and Community Director at DE commented, “The New War will continue Warframe’s very personal and intimate storyline with a dramatic narrative, unexpected experiences, and cinematic action sequences like we showcased today.”

Digital Extremes also continued their tradition of bringing the Warframe community together and enhancing the TennoLive viewing experience with a one-time only, in-game Relay event.  This year, players experienced an immersive flashback at some of their most momentous and shocking plot moments to date, as well as an unexpected first-ever look at Nidus Prime and a classroom of Tenno inside the fabled Zariman.

“Spoilers in Warframe are a closely guarded secret. For The New War, we want players to be able to catch up on the Warframe storyline, which means we’ll be balancing new content reveals and spoilers as best we can!” said Ford. “This year's Relay event felt like a real moment, even during rehearsals.  I’ve enjoyed many Warframe reveals but to see players relive some of these very personal story moments together, from all over the world, was special.”


Uniting players to fight the Sentients in The New War is not just a storytelling device to DE. It’s also a promise driving the development team to make significant enhancements and additions to Warframe: Cross Save, Cross Play, and simultaneous Warframe updates across all platforms.

During TennoLive, DE demonstrated the in-development Cross Save and Cross Play functionality, which will empower Warframe players to seamlessly continue their adventure in the Origin System, as well as matchmake with other players, across every platform where Warframe is available. DE also surprised viewers by confirming that Warframe is currently working for mobile devices and is actively in development. 

“Community is incredibly important to us and opening up Cross Play and Cross Save is just one of many more efforts we’ll take on to bring more players together including extending Warframe’s fast, fluid, action combat experience to other global gaming platforms,” said Sheldon Carter, Chief Operating Officer at DE. “We are at the very beginning of the next-generation of Warframe.  We are eight years young and have the benefit of beginning our second console generation with a major game expansion that will also mark a new chapter of more story-based content our players have been asking for.”

In addition to the large amount of reveals, Warframe players also received a significant amount of exclusive in-game rewards for tuning in, access to limited-time bonus events, and other in-game activities.  DE worked with a large number of partners to bring content to as many gaming communities as possible including Steam, Twitch, Sony, Microsoft, Epic Games, IGN, GameSpot, Warframe Creators and Partners, and many more.  DE is thankful for the support and effort to celebrate Warframe players.

Key moments during TennoCon 2021 include:

  • Warframe’s First-Ever Next-Gen Content Expansion, The New War, to Bring a Cinematic Storyline to All Platforms Simultaneously in 2021 

  • Interactive Relay Preview Event During TennoLive Included an In-Game Content Reveal of the Zariman Among Other Rewards

  • Cross Save, Cross Play, and Simultaneous Game Releases Announced During a Live Demo of the Functioning System in Development

  • DE Confirmed the Development of Warframe on Mobile Through a Live Tease That Demonstrated a Functional Gameplay Build

  • Nidus Prime Revealed Live and Featured in the In-Game Relay Event Confirming the Next Prime Access Warframe

  • Caliban Warframe Announced During Art Panel, and Other Premium Cosmetic Items Including Baruuk, Volt and Protea Deluxe Skins

  • Nightwave: Nora’s Choice Announced for Intermission 4 to Release in August with New Items Including the Harrow and Yareli Alt Helms

  • The Prime Gaming Members Received Bonus Drop Bundle and Verv Redeemer Rebuilt as Replica Weapon by Volpin Props

  • TennoLive Twitch Drops Included Loki Prime Warframe and the Vastilok Gunblade Weapon

  • Console Players Received the Nostalgic Unreal Tournament Weapon Skin Bundle Celebrating Partnership  Co-Creators Digital Extremes

  • Promotional Programs from Event Sponsors Provided Various Prizes from a AMD Gaming Rig to an Omen In-Game Bundle

  • Player Designed Dojo’s Were Featured, and the Winners of the Annual Cosplay Contest Winner and Fan Art Were Revealed

  • Additional Details Below on the Expansive Amount of In-Game Items and Activities Available for Players During and After TennoCon

  • Warframe Provided In-Game Relay Drops of the Tannukai Longsword Skin and Tannukai Armor Set

  • Warframe Player Have Various TennoCon Related Alerts In-Game Including a TennoCon Visit from The Void Trader Baro Ki’teer

  • Console Platforms are Operating a Platinum Sale and Warframe is Hosting a Credits Booster Weekend

The New War Story-Based Content Expansion to Bring a Big, Bold Cinematic Quest to Warframe, Arriving 2021

The New War is a story-based content expansion scheduled to release in 2021. It’s the first next-gen game expansion since Warframe with fully upgraded PC and Console builds reflecting the capabilities of next-gen platform tools.  The new cinematic quest and other story-driven content will provide answers to the questions players have been asking since The Second Dream cinematic quest was originally released.  The New War is a highly anticipated chapter of Warframe’s cinematic quest line which was originally teased in 2019 following the success of expanding storyline originally experienced in-game through the Cinematic Quests of The Old War.

In-Game Relay Event Showcased Zariman Classroom Among Several Other Scenes and Players Received Relay Item Bundle

An in-game Relay event unlike any other, was experienced by players in Warframe as part of the interactive preview during TennoLive 2021.  Players were able to unite together in-game with an immersive showcase of major story moments and included a first-ever look at Tenno in a Zariman classroom.  Players who participated in the relay were able to receive a ceremonial Tannukai Longsword Skin and Tannukai Armor Set. 

  • TennoCon Segment Replay: Available Later on YouTube Channel

  • Download Assets: Available Here

Simultaneous Game Updates Across All Platforms with Cross Play

By releasing content simultaneously across platforms and with opening up Cross Play, players will better connect together for online cooperative action.  DE revealed that no matter where or how you play, Warframe wants players to play together and at the same time. Moving forward, all future content - including The New War - will be launched simultaneously.

Players will be able to matchmake quickly and enjoy the thrill and excitement of cooperative online action as communities start to merge and unite.  Warframe will be a bustling online community, with more people to connect with to play, chat, and more…  Warframe  has so many planets and so many game modes, enabling Cross Play will bring players together, boosting the population to cover the entire sprawling Origin System with non-stop action.

Cross Save for Pick-Up and Play Progression Across Platforms

Warframe is now a cross-generation online game that started with PS4 and was upgraded and advanced with the next-gen capabilities of PS5.  Warframe is a big game. Warframe has been live for 8 great years so far, and DE knows its players enjoy other great games and that they don’t just play one game all the time.  Some players might have an older account from a different platform or console.  With the introduction of Cross Save, players across every platform will be able to continue playing seamlessly wherever and whenever they choose.  Players can literally pick-up and play from where they left off, however long ago that may be, and regardless of what platform they were on.

DE demoed Cross Play and Cross Save during TennoLive but it’s still actively in development.  When it’s ready for release, players will be able to jump back into Warframe and continue their cinematic journey through The New War storyline.

Players Set New Franchise Peak Concurrency Record and Earned Placement as Twitch’s Top-Five Highest Concurrent Viewership Stream of 2021

TennoCon 2021’s penultimate moments took Warframe down a historical path during TennoLive, the conventions flagship keynote, where an in-game Relay event destroyed former concurrent player records to set a new all-time high record. Warframe secured the #1 chart position on Twitch for the day and reached the Top-Ten Global Twitter Trending category. The live broadcast featured a highly anticipated gameplay world reveal of upcoming content from Warframe’s The New War expansion in a 30 minute live demo, drawing more than 540,000 concurrent viewers and making it the most watched Warframe stream of all-time. Warframe is currently the only Twitch Video Game Channel to achieve placement on Twitch’s Top-Five Highest Concurrent Viewership Streams of 2021.  

“This is the biggest thing we’ve done, by a lot… and I’m super excited to do a live demo,” Steve Sinclair, Creative Director at Digital Extremes, commented during the live broadcast.  

Additionally, a work-in-progress functional demo of Cross Play, Cross Save, and Warframe on mobile was showcased.  Release dates to be revealed at a later time. 

“TennoCon is about Warframe players... an accepting, supportive and inclusive community.  They are the reason we have such a fun, cooperative game to play online with friends.  This year, the community achieved all-new heights and we couldn’t be more appreciative of their support,” said Rebecca Ford, Live Operations and Community Director at DE. “We put passion and energy into creating a memorable reveal of The New War for players and we couldn’t be happier to see that this really is what brings Tenno together. They want to know what comes next in our story.” 

  • TennoCon 2021 Now the Most Viewed TennoCon of All-Time Setting Several New Viewership Records
  • The New War Preview Event Now the Biggest Day in Warframe History Setting New Game Records 
  • Warframe the Only Game in Twitch's Top-Five Highest Peak Concurrent Viewership Streams of 2021
  • TennoLive Relay Event Set New In-Game Peak Concurrency Record for Warframe
  • Warframe Twitch Channel Received Highest Ever Concurrent Viewership of More Than 430k 
  • Warframe Twitch Directory Received Highest Ever Concurrent Viewership of More Than 540k 
  • During TennoCon Warframe Achieved Top-Three Peak Concurrency Position on Steam 
  • Warframe Trended Globally in the Top-Ten on Twitter and The New War in Gaming Trends

Nidus Prime Warframe Confirmed, New Caliban Warframe Showcased And Baruuk, Volt and Protea Deluxe Skins Announced

Nidus Prime was revealed live during the in-game Relay event confirming his Prime variant as the next powerful Prime Access offering later this summer. During the Art Panel, a new Warframe, Caliban and his signature psyche, were revealed as a destructive new force that is both part Warframe as well as part Sentient.  Scheduled for release with The New War later this year. Additionally, DE revealed the concept art and confirmed the production of Baruuk, Volt and Protea Deluxe Skins.

Nightwave: Nora’s Choice Announced, Nightwave Intermission 4 to Release in August with New Items

Nightwave Intermission 3 to end on July 28th, Nightwave Intermission 4 to begin on August 4th with Nightwave: Nora’s Choice.  Nora’s Choice will draw players back into the weekly challenge system, with the addition of Harrow and Yareli Alt Helms. Additional new and unique rewards will be added.  More information and reveals will be available closer to release. 

Console Players Received the Nostalgic Unreal Tournament Weapon Skin Bundle Following the Epic Games Store Promotion

The Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle will launch on console platforms and the return of the nostalgic items will be available once again for PC players. from co-creators of Unreal Tournament and in partnership with Epic Games Store in celebration of their 20 year long relationship and recent new platform launch.  During The Game Awards last year, Warframe partnered with Unreal Tournament co-creator Epic Games to develop Unreal Tournament Weapon Skins for classic Warframe Weapons, featuring brand-new sounds, effects and animations designed to recapture the excitement of the original Unreal Tournament.

For the first time, console players can earn these Weapon Skins for free by completing in-game Gift of the Lotus Alerts. The bundle is available again on the Epic Games Store for PC players who missed out last year.  Players can unleash the iconic Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher and Shock Rifle through their Warframe counterparts in the Drakgoon, Ogris and Stahlta weapons, respectively!

Promotional Programs from Event Sponsors Provided Various Prizes from a AMD Gaming Rig to an Omen In-Game Bundle

Courtesy of AMD, Xidax and OMEN, Warframe players were treated to several prizes during TennoLive. AMD gave-away a high-end, mid-range and standard PC built by Xidax.  Additionally, OMEN gave-away three peripheral bundles and The Omen Ember Bundle on PC which includes Ember Warframe, Tenno Color Palette, MK1-Strun Weapon, and 7-Day Affinity Booster.

Iconic Pop-Culture Artist Dan Mumford Designed Official TennoCon 2021 Event Poster and Commemorative The New War Poster

Dan Mumford, the iconic pop-culture and music freelance illustrator who’s established a distinct art style gaining global fandom with celebrated projects ranging from Disney, to Apple, Metallica and even Warframe.  Dan has held several gallery shows in the US and has continued to create emotional, authentic and expressive, player-appreciated artwork that celebrates Warframe.  For TennoCon 2021, Dan created the official event poster which is available in various merchandise offerings currently for sale and The New War commemorative reveal poster.

“Since Warframe initially released, it has always intrigued me with its unique art style and direction. The design of the worlds and all the characters that inhabit it have a feeling of bringing some of the most exciting concept art ideas into reality. Everything has a wonderful organic feel to it, like it’s alive. When working on this project it allowed me to really get an understanding of the craft and detail in these worlds and it was a pleasure working on this piece and really getting lost in the curves and shapes I put in this piece,” comments Dan Mumford on working with the Warframe IP.  

In trying to tell a story through The New War poster, Mumford adds “For me, my work is always about trying to convey some sort of a narrative. Be that through characters, colouring or environmental storytelling. Thankfully when working with a property as rich as Warframe, those elements all fell into place quite easily. And we very naturally found a narrative and composition come together. I hope it shows a part of the wider story in a way that will connect with people.”

Prime Gaming Verv Redeemer Weapon Built As a Full Scale Replica and Players Received a Prime Gaming TennoCon Bonus Item Bundle 

TennoCon favorite and Creator Extraordinaire, Volpin Props, created the full scale replica that was revealed today.  DE is also providing the 3D model, production guidelines and an instructional video for players to build their own.  Additionally, Prime Gaming subscribers received their July drop, they also took home a TennoCon Bonus Pack featuring various Fashion Framing customizations aligned to the year-long Prime Gaming Verv Collection. The bundle included Cirrus Armor Set, Cumulus Syandana, Stratus Pistol Skin, Spektaka Color Palette and a 3-Day Resource Booster.

TennoLive Twitch Drops Featured Loki Prime Warframe and the Vastilok Gunblade Weapon

After two years in the Prime Vault, the trickster Warframe is back.  Players who watched TennoLive for 30 consecutive minutes received Loki Prime and the Vastilok Gunblade.  

Several Celebratory In-Game Activities and Items Across All Major Platforms Were Generously Provided Before, During and Afterwards

The Void Trader, Baro Ki’teer TennoCon 2021 Relay trip will feature in-game every item he has ever sold.  From Prime Mods to Rare Customizations special ticket-holders who have purchased the TennoCon Digital Pack will have access.  In-game merchant Darvo has a new TennoCon Merch Shop and is requesting players help him create a tagline.

Warframe players will receive a Gift of the Lotus Alert In-Game: Orokin Reactor and Orokin Catalyst. From July 17, at 7pm ET to July 19th at 2pm ET and a Weekend Credit Booster Event: From July 17, at 7pm ET to July 19th at 2pm ET.  Lastly, a TennoCon Sale on Platinum and Rare Mods with discounts of up to 50% off on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Sounds of the System Featured a First Listen of The New War Audio

The several hundred page script of the largest Warframe expansion to date, The New War was the topic of discussion as Sound Director, George Spanos shared his thoughts on the sound design plan, “This is the most ambitious work we have ever done, across multiple teams including sound,” which also included a first listen at the sounds of the next expansion.

About TennoCon

TennoCon 2021 is the 6th annual official Warframe player celebration event.  Traditionally held in Digital Extremes hometown of London, Ontario, due to Covid Public Health and Safety Protocols the convention had to operate virtually in 2020 and will do so again in 2021.  TennoLive is the Twitch record-setting live broadcast segment of the show, that features world reveals, in-game Relay events and in-game item rewards. For more detailed info on the schedule, merchandise, replays and other TennoCon 2021 related information please visit  

“As most players know by now, we’re bringing The New War back to TennoCon!  It’s going to be a special moment for all of us, as it’s been a while since we first discussed this expansion with players. We truly hope Tenno will enjoy a day dedicated to them and the memorable experiences we’ve shared together in Warframe”, said Sheldon Carter, Chief Operating Officer at DE in an earlier TennoLive Press Release.

For any additional questions or press inquiries please email

About Warframe

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Warframe can be enjoyed solo or in squads of up to four players.  Players embark on cinematic quests across dozens of planets, three Open Worlds, and even the depths of deep space, battling a nefarious, ancient evil that threatens the fate of the Origin System.

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