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Monday August 13, 2012

We’ve had our heads down getting WARFRAME ready for Beta, so we wanted to share some of what we’ve been doing. Here is the first look at Alpha Gameplay footage from WARFRAME! Let us know what you think!


Wednesday July 11, 2012

As we work away on WARFRAME, we are thrilled to see that our fanbase is quickly growing. As a thank you to our first 1000 Facebook fans, we did something a little different (and a lot of fun). Take a look!

Friday June 22, 2012

This might be our favourite Friday ever… WARFRAME is being featured on IGN! After many months of pure excitement (and some nerves), we’re ready to show everyone what we’ve been working on. You might recognize the style from a concept we had many years ago, and we’re finally getting the chance to bring it to life. We hope you enjoy the video, and we can’t wait to bring you more WARFRAME!

Monday June 4, 2012

This year’s E3 will be huge for Trek fans everywhere! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on how our dev-team are taking Kirk and Spock into the unknown. We’ll be posting all the updates we can.

Live long and prosper!


Monday May 28, 2012

It was only a year ago that Star Trek was revealed at E3, and this year, gamers everywhere are anticipating the return of the Enterprise. Over at Computer and Video Games, the team has named Star Trek of one of the 20 most anticipated games of E3 2012! Check out the article by clicking HERE...