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GameStar Magazine: Official Review

Friday February 17, 2012

Darkness II love from Europe!

Europe’s biggest PC gaming magazine, GameStar, has given The Darkness II an 85 - and they had some pretty awesome things to say about it:

“One of the best games based on a comic ever. You should really give it a try.”

“I would recommend it for everyone who has the stomach for blood (if you weren’t shocked at Mortal Kombat you would probably get by) and likes well-written video games”

“I am not very much into this bloody business and I find horror movies even less appealing but for some reason with Darkness 2 I didn’t mind these violent scenes at all. It is perhaps because of the cartoon-like cell shading graphics that I found cutting people into pieces, ripping off heads and tearing out backbones rather funny.”

“As for the setting: variety is the spice of life”

Check out the rest of the review on their official iPad app!