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Community Content Editor

Why choose Digital Extremes?

Ingenuity, diligence, highly skilled, specifically trained. With stealth precision, this team of ninjas have infiltrated the F2P market. Can we control the natural elements, shape shift or walk on water? Hell no. But we can develop kick-ass videogames. We are masters of our own weaponry. What is your superhuman skill? Do you have what it takes to join this elite team? Bring it. Recruiting now. 

Community Content Editor

Job Type:
Full Time
Min Exp:
3-4 years

Community Content Editor

Are you the space ninja we’ve been looking for? Is your pen mightier than your Scindo? Sharp wit, quick-thinking, new media-savvy, lover of online comradery, grammar aficionado, deadline hurdler, naturally inquisitive, game expert are just a few of your strong qualities. As Warframe’s Community Content Editor you are responsible for curating and producing engaging content for our community of over 26 Million Tenno. The sky is the limit in transforming how players connect to you and therefore to the game. You must have a passion for thinking strategically and generating original content that’s targeted at specific segments of our player base. Your creative limits should know no bounds and you are always willing to flex your pen or multimedia ideas to create them whether it’s a detailed technical and visual analysis about foliage mesh generation, an Onion-style satire on how burned out players just can’t stop playing, or an entrancing story set amidst the Orokin’s first battle with the Sentients. Your attention to detail is pristine, which you’ve proven by integrating the words transference and operator playfully into your cover letter. You’re a master of organization and flexibility, able to adeptly manage an editorial calendar throughout the constant shifts of the game’s development. You yearn to be part of a passionate, driven team whose primary vision is to forge meaningful, personal relationships amongst its players, developers and gamers everywhere.


  • Be a Warframe expert You are excited to play the game for hundreds of hours, know every detail of our development pipeline, and speak the Community’s lingo
  • Work with Community/Live-Ops Producer and marketing to set overall strategy for Warframe editorial content and then handle all aspects of producing it from start to finish
  • Create and manage a content calendar that delivers creative, engaging content for targeted segments of the Warframe audience on a weekly basis
  • Identify major game content releases along with strategic marketing initiatives to drive diverse content, from engaging in-lore stories to technical dissertations of new features or satirical personal game experiences in written, video or image form
  • Collaborate with Community, Development and Marketing teams on ideas for content
  • Learn and keep track of the development pipeline to find information diamonds in the rough
  • Work closely with multimedia team to create creative, engaging visual images and video content
  • Contribute to existing writing efforts with enthusiasm and skill
  • Identify industry trends and propose ways to increase success of our creative Community content output
  • Own and spearhead all written efforts, from idea to implementation to measuring results.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative metrics to produce well-received, popular content for the Warframe Community.


  • B.A. in Communications, Journalism, Writing or related field required
  • 3-4 years of writing/editorial experience with an online publication. 2-3 of those years in editorial specific to video games
  • Experience managing editorial schedules and/or creating content calendars
  • Demonstrable experience in building an online audience for your content
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills, good under pressure with tight deadlines and often last-minute changing task parameters
  • Familiarity and experience with content marketing across all marketing channels (Social Media, Blog, Email, etc.)
  • Exceptionally strong writing and communication skills.
  • Keen eye for high quality gameplay footage
  • Charismatic, confident (not arrogant), friendly personality that shows through your written and video work
  • Strong knowledge and passion for video games and video game culture a must
  • Working knowledge of video capturing and editing software a plus

Please include writing samples and/or multimedia content of previous work with application. Can be for both fiction and non-fiction work and are also willing to submit a writing test we conduct

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